Say goodbye to pet hairs in your household! Buy our gloves and see what a difference they make!

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Product Description

Your pet will love you for these gloves.

These five-fingered pet grooming gloves have been created as the perfect solution to ensure an efficient and soothing massage to your pets.

The gloves have been specially formulated to stimulate the oils in their skin to enhance the softness and glow of their coats. The Pet Grooming gloves make your life easier and more streamlined than ever before!

Are you constantly annoyed with dog or cat hairs throughout your home?

Worry no more! The Pet Grooming gloves are ideal for cats and dogs and provide the perfect solution to all of your fur troubles. Easily brush away dirt, grime, dander, and loose hairs from cats and dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds effectively.

Finger tips remove loose hairs and detangle

Round tips provide a relaxing massage

Adjustable wrist straps securely fit hands

Super easy
 to clean

Ergonomically designed for any type of hands

  • Finger tips remove loose hairs and detangle
  • 1. Grooming and shedding your pets
  • 2. Make pet hair smoother
  • 3. Remove the loose fur, dust and dirt from your pets
  • 4. Provide a comfortable, relaxing massage for your pets
  • 5. Prevent hair from peeling off furniture, drapery, carpeting, etcetera
  • 6. Increase blood circulation of your pets. Our Pet Grooming gloves feature soft silicone that stimulates the natural, healthy oils on the skin that enhance softness and radiance of their coats

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You Will Receive Left & Right Gloves

Use both hands while grooming your furry friend! Our Pet Grooming gloves are designed to easily remove loose pet hair and detangle so fur doesn’t fly.

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Enhanced Five Finger Design

Groom those hard-to-reach areas like the face, legs, or tail.

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Pet Caring Gloves

The rubber tips provide a gentle and relaxing massage for your pet.

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Reduce Shedding

Regular brushing removes loose hair and matting on your pet’s coat.

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Perfect For All Furry Friends

From skittish cats, playful dogs, and even graceful horses!

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Are these gloves good for all breeds?

Yes. Whether short or long-haired, the Pet Grooming gloves remove extra hairs gently and effectively

What are the gloves made of?

The Pet Grooming gloves are designed with premium silicone material for a durable, effective massage

Will the gloves fit my hands?

Yes. The Pet Grooming gloves feature a strap that allows users to adjust the size according to their hands for optimal use.

Will these gloves scare my pet?

The gloves have been designed in such a way that even the most skittish of pets will love the way they feel against their skin.

Are these gloves good for other pets other than dogs and cats?

Yes. The Pet Grooming gloves are not only perfect for cats and dogs, but for other domesticated animals as well, like horses too!

Pet Grooming Gloves

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Pet Grooming Gloves

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- 1 pair Pet Grooming Glove
- Approx. 24cm * 14cm / 9.65 * 5.51inch

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